Why does it happen an annual Thanksgiving game among the Cowboys and Lions?

Today features three NFL games. The Cowboys host the Commanders, the Sea hawks host the 49 years, and the Lions host the Packers. It’s worth noting that the teams who play the night game are rotated every year, but the Lions always host the first game of the day, and the Cowboys always host the second. How did that happen?

1934 saw the Lions play their inaugural Thanksgiving game. Their debut season in Detroit was that one. They were once known as the Portsmouth Spartans and were situated in Portsmouth, Ohio. George Richards, a radio executive, purchased the brand and relocated it to Detroit. The Lions were struggling to establish any kind of following in their new hometown. Richards proposed that their team’s pivotal game against the Chicago Bears take place on Thanksgiving.

At the time, the Bears were 11-0 and the Lions were 10-1. This was before to the time when the league gave its teams the schedule. The times of the games might be set by the teams themselves. Richards obtained a nationwide broadcast of the game by using his contacts in the radio industry. Despite losing, Detroit was a great success. Despite some demands for them to lose the game during the miserable Matt Millen Era, the Lions sold out the game and have played on Thanksgiving ever since.

Why does it happen an annual Thanksgiving game among the Cowboys and Lions?

In 1951, Thanksgiving added another customary team. The Green Bay Packers made the trip to Detroit to face the Lions on Thanksgiving for the next thirteen years. The agreement terminated with Vince Lombardi. Lombardi mentioned the collapse of a deal that would have given the Packers an additional $10,000 for the game, the challenges of scheduling games during a short week each year, and the need of traveling to play a competitor in front of a boisterous crowd each season. Naturally, the Packers continue to be a regular Thanksgiving opponent for Detroit, as they are this year, given that the teams are in the same division.

What about the Cowboys, then?

The NFL sought to add a second Thanksgiving game in the middle of the 1960 s. It was unclear if it would be successful outside of Detroit, where the NFL had already established a Thanksgiving custom. The Dallas Cowboys had no prior winning seasons and were just six years old. Tex Schramm, the general manager, was a visionary. (Among too many other inventions to list, he was the impetus for the NFL-AFL merger, the flags on goal posts, and instant replay, among many others). He leaped at the chance. 1966 saw the Cowboys host their first Thanksgiving football game.

Up until the 1970s, when the league came up with a scheme to alternate the Cowboys and the then-St. Louis Cardinals, the game was held yearly. In even years, the Cowboys would host the second game; in odd years, the Cardinals. But the Cardinals’ home Thanksgiving games were limited to two dates: 1975 and 1977. The games lacked competition, and the turnout was underwhelming. Subsequently, commissioner Pete Roselle terminated the trial and reached an agreement with Schramm whereby the Cowboys would continue to play the game. Since then, Dallas has hosted the second Thanksgiving game.

Why is the third game rotated when there are two permanent Thanksgiving hosts?

The NFL introduced a third primetime game in 2006. That evening, the Chiefs overcame the Broncos. A Thanksgiving game was now a sought-after time slot. The thirty other clubs in the league would undoubtedly all want to take over as the primetime Thanksgiving game’s permanent host, unlike the tests that took place in Dallas and Detroit decades ago. The league has not awarded the game to a single team since everyone wants it. Every year, the matchup changes, although historically, it has been a division rivalry (albeit not this year).

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