US military secrets are leaked by online gamers to War Thunder forums: Report

Online gamers exposed multiple pages from a US-built M2A2 AIFV handbook to the War Thunder forums in an odd incident that sparked a contentious debate over the specific technical specifications of their favourite military technology, according to RT news agency on Friday.
Players can engage in multiplayer combat in the free-to-play combat game War Thunder by utilising both vintage and contemporary military equipment. A significant portion of its fan base is fixated on accuracy, pressuring the game’s designers to ensure every detail is perfect, frequently providing limited resources to bolster their claims.

Two pages of the manual that described the turret and spall liner assemblies, down to the last bolt and nut, as well as the commander’s hatch, were leaked.
During conversations about the game, which was created by Gaijin Entertainment, a Budapest-based business with distinctly Russian roots, the players disclosed the information.
The company’s founder, Anton Yudintsev, confirmed in a statement given to PC Gamer on Thursday that there was a post on December 12th that contained restricted or classified information about Bradley, according to RT News.

On the other hand, Yudintsev claims that “This particular leak” has been circulating on Reddit and Discord, among other platforms, since at least December 8, rather than starting on the War Thunder forums. Declaring that “the War Thunder forum is definitely one of the strictest on Earth in that regard,” he asserted that the company is making every effort to take swift action against leakers.The private material was removed by the moderators “within minutes,” but not before multiple users downloaded and shared it with the press.
The technical manual in question contains export-controlled data that should only be available to the Pentagon and its contractors, even though it is not classified as top secret.

Just this year, enthusiasts of War Thunder revealed some top-secret information about the F-117 Nighthawk, the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the F-15E Strike Eagle, and the AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter. Chinese DTC10-125 anti-armor shells and tanks from France’s Leclerc and Britain’s Challenger-2 were disclosed previously. According to Task & Purpose, gamers have disclosed sensitive and classified information at least fourteen times in total over the years.

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