“Sahara Refund Portal” are you eligible for a claim

The central registered of cooperative societies(CRCS),which is part of the Government of India’s Ministry of cooperative has successfully launched the Sahara Refund Portal. As it seeks to reimburse investors whose investments have been Confined for a considerable Amount of time with around Rs 5000 crore.This portal represents a flash of hope for the over 10 crore Sahara Group members.On 18th July,2023 Shri Amit Shah the Honorable Union Minister for Home and Cooperative ,Officially opened the Sahara Refund Portal. Even those with little online experience can utilized the portal’s user friendly  layout to easily claim their Investment.

CRCS: Sahara Refund Portal:

"Sahara Refund Portal" are you eligible for a claim

Sahara Refund Portal user interface is highly intuitive,so even some one without much online experience can utilized it to reclaim their investment. Amit Shah July 18,2023 unveiling of the Sahara Refund Portal excited the over 10 crore investor or people who had placed their hard earned money in Sahara.

Sahara Refund Portal offers investors who are waiting to get their money back a chance with a 100% guarantee .the Sahara refund portal was created to the supreme court ruling with the aim of providing Sahara investors with access to all necessary information regarding the money refund procedure

Sahara Refund Portal Allocate Total Amount:

The Supreme Court issued a directive that led to the creation of the Sahara Refund portal .which has been essential in ensuring that the impacted investor received Justice.The Sahara credit cooperative society limited (CRCS) has been ordered by the Supreme Court to set aside a sizable sum of Rs-5000 crore especially for the purpose of reimbursing these claims.

Sahara Refund Portal Launch Date:

on the 18th July 2023,a significant improvement happened with the introduction of the Sahara Refund portal.this web page is a crucial step taken to address the legitimate claims of depositors who had trusted the cooperative society of the Sahara group with their hard earn money. this important initiative got here into impact following a pivotal judgement with the aid of the supreme court,which mandated the switch of a widespread sum of Rs-5000 crore from the “Sahara-SEBI Refund Account” to CRCS (Sahara credit cooperative society limited) for the reason of Disbursing dues to eligible Depositors.

How much Can You Claims from Sahara refund portal:

Your investment data with the cooperative societies operated by the Sahara group decides how much you are eligible to receive through the Sahara refund Portal .A initial payment of up to Rs-10,000 may be made to eligible investor who have made a deposit of  Rs-10,000 or more. the authorized sum for Refund Rs-5000 crore.the reimbursed is available to depositor with remaining balance at Humara India credit Cooperative Society Limited,Sahara Credit Society Cooperative Society Limited and Saharayan Universal Multipurpose Society Limited by March 22,2022.also qualified for a refund are depositor of stars multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited who still have unpaid dues as of march 29,2023.

Sahara Refund Portal :Keep The Documents

  1. Membership Number
  2. deposit Account Number
  3. Adhar card number link mobile number
  4. certificate/Passbook Details of the Deposit
  5. Pan card(For claim above 50,000)

How To Apply on Sahara Refund portal:

Apply for a claim on the portal,Follow the simple steps…..

  • Go to the official website all http//mocrefund.crcs.gov.in
  • Investors/depositor registration page: input with membership Number and 4 digit last adhar Number and Adhar link mobile number
  • Investors/depositor login page :put the adhar number and mobile number
  • then OTP verification ,
  • next personal details and email id conformation .
  • next submit details certificate of the deposit.
  • then process your claim.

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