Ola Electric Scooter Price in Diwali Offer Big Discount:

Ola Electric Scooter Diwali Offer: For Diwali 2023, Ola Electric is introducing enticing deals on all of the bikes in its class. Every automaker has specials on their individual motorbikes during this Diwali holiday season. Ola is also providing several other perks, such as a cash discount and exchange bonus, on its motorcycles. Whose list was made public. With these discounts, you can get an Ola electric scooter for Diwali. whereby offers up to Rs 26,000 are made to you.

Ola Electric Scooter Price in Diwali Offer Big Discount
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Ola Electric Scooter Diwali Offer:

Ola Electric Scooter Price in Diwali Offer Big Discount
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For customers who purchased during the Diwali deal, Ola Electric has made an offer. those that have a desire for scooters. & wish to purchase an electric scooter. Ola Electric has made them a very competitive offer. You may receive a free warranty up to Rs 26,000 with this. Also, S1 Pro Gen 2 is eligible for a discount of up to Rs 7,000. In addition, Ola S1 Air and S1X Plus extended versions are available at a 50% reduction. And included below is a list of the released deals.

Ola S1 Pro e-scooter sales cross 70,000 units in 7 months | The Financial Express

Ola Electric Scooter Diwali Offer list:

advantages totaling about Rs 26,500, including exchange bonuses, cash discounts, and other advantages.

Ola electric scooter S1, S1 Pro variants explained: Price, range, top speed, features difference - Electric Vehicles News | The Financial Express
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Extended Warranty: For the S1 Pro Gen 2, a free extended warranty worth Rs 7,000 is provided.
Battery Discount: S1 Air and S1X Plus battery components are 50% off.
Extended Warranty (S1 Air and S1X Plus): For a few models, a thorough extended warranty is offered.

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Reduced Extended Warranty (S1 Pro Gen 2): The S1 Pro Gen 2 is now available for a discounted extended warranty of Rs 2,000 (was Rs 7,000).
Exchange Benefit (S1 Pro Gen 2): When trading in old ICE two-wheelers, S1 Pro Gen 2 owners will receive an exchange benefit of about Rs 10,000.

Exchange reward (S1 Air and S1X Plus): When trading in old ICE two-wheelers, S1 Air and S1X Plus are eligible for an exchange reward of around Rs 5,000.
Offers on Credit Cards: Amounts off on some credit cards up to Rs 7,500. Optional features include no processing fees, no down payment, free EMI, and interest rates as low as 5.99%.
Additional Motivation: At experience centers, customers may test-ride Ola electric scooters for free and compete to win free clothes worth Rs 999, an S1X Plus, and other prizes.

Ola Electric Scooter Diwali Offer:

When paying with a credit card, there is a discount of Rs 7,500 in the Ola Electric Scooter Bank Offer Room. In addition, you may get an Ola Electric Scooter with a 5.99% interest rate, no processing fees, no EMI, and no down payment. Visit the Ola Electric store for further details on each of these offerings. These deals are not verified by Taazanews23.

Ola Electric Scooter specification:

OLA S1 Electric scooter EMI plans to start at Rs 2,999, 11 banks team up with OLA electric for finance options
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Three scooter sectors provide Ola electric scooters for purchase in India. It comprises Ola S1 Air, S1X Plus, and S1 Pro Gen 2. The Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 scooter has the longest range out of the three.

ola electric feature:

Regarding the Ola Electric S1 Pro Gen 2’s characteristics, it has a huge 7-inch touch screen display. This includes common functions including riding mode, trip meter, odometer, tachometer, and speedometer. In addition, it has contemporary features like email notifications, SMS alerts, call alerts, and Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones.

In addition, there’s a 34-liter capacity beneath the seat, turn-by-turn voice-assisted navigation system, geofencing, anti-tipping system, low battery indicator, clock with time indication, USB connector for charging, cruise control, and traction control. Storage is offered.

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