Keanu Reeves LA home was broken into by ski mask-wearing intruders.

Actor Keanu Reeves of “John Wick” had another house invasion, but this time it wasn’t a stalker gone crazy.

Recently, a number of masked guys ventured to try their luck against the “John Wick” celebrity by breaking into his Los Angeles house when the hot Hollywood star was away.

It’s fortunate that there were no reports of canines being hurt during the break-in.

The burglars who broke into Keanu Reeves’ house are still at large.

On the evening of Wednesday, December 6, officials received an anonymous 911 call regarding a potential trespasser on the “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” star’s Los Angeles property. This marked the beginning of the close life-imitating-art moment. When the tip came in around 7:00 p.m., LAPD personnel hurried to apprehend the suspect.

They did not, however, enter a famous “John Wick” scenario where Reeves was prepared to fight the robbers for taking his car and killing his cherished dog. No, nothing all that spectacular happened since when the police showed up at the TV personality’s house, everything was OK.

The responding police returned their patrol car to the station after searching the area but finding nothing. After a few hours, they received word of problems at the entertainers residence.

Officers were called back to the site at one in the morning when a security alarm went off, but it was too late. TMZ was informed by sources that the trespassers had left before law enforcement arrived. However, surveillance cameras caught the guys wearing ski masks breaking a window to gain entry to the “Point Break” actor’s home.

Before fleeing, the robbers allegedly snatched a gun from the property, but it’s still unknown what else these individuals may have taken. As previously said, the Hollywood Walk of Fame recipient was not present to see the invasion, and happily, no pets were hurt during the incident.

Authorities are still scouring Reeves’s home and neighborhood’s security footage for more hints in their exhaustive hunt for these cunning housebreakers. Insiders also said that the LAPD is looking into whether the initial call they got was made by someone assessing the property since they assume that it was.

Given the unjustified attention the “Constantine” star’s house has received in the past, authorities had good grounds to believe someone was checking it out. The Canadian celebrity was almost the victim of a horrific incident in 2014 when a lady broke into his home while he was sleeping.

At four in the morning, the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award contender was dreaming when the female intruder entered his house. The woman settled herself in the TV personality’s library chair without hurting anyone.

Luckily, the “Brotherhood of Justice” actor woke up when he heard noises coming from the library. When he arose, a woman in her mid-40s was sitting still in his chair; Reeves, however, chose to settle the dispute peacefully.

The Teen Choice Award winner asked the home intruder politely what she was doing in his house as she gently walked up to her. The woman said she was there to meet him, and after making her alarming announcement, the “Speed” actor called the police.

The female trespasser was apprehended by the authorities and then sent for a psychological assessment. The “The Devil’s Advocate” actor neglected to set his security alarms, so even though his home appeared to be a fortress, the offender had no trouble breaking into Reeves’s house.

In the past, Keanu Reeves faced up against a stalker posing as a relative.

The star of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” had to get a restraining order against an obsessive stalker after a house invasion. The 59-year-old petitioned for protection in February from Bryan Dixon, who claimed to be Reeves’ relative.

Keanu Reeves LA home was broken into by ski mask-wearing intruders.

Dixon kept showing up on his surveillance cameras, so the Hollywood veteran hired a security company to look into the trespasser before he raced to the police. The perpetrator kept breaking in even after being repeatedly taken from the Canadian actor’s house.

The drama started in November 2022 and lasted until January 2023, when Reeves, worried for his and Alexandra Grant’s safety, filed the petition for a restraining order. Dixon triggered red flags when he reportedly left a rucksack with a DNA testing equipment inside, according to the court filing.

According to the lawyer for the “My Own Private Idaho” actor, the intruder planned to use the DNA testing kit on his client “in a delusional attempt to prove they are blood-related.” Despite going by the name Jasper Keith Reeves on social media, Dixon is not connected to the entertainer, the TV personality’s legal representative emphasized.

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