how to login Flipkart seller account.

One of India’s biggest online retailers is Flipkart. And you want to think about selling on Flipkart if you’re a business owner looking to grow your customer base throughout the nation. Flipkart may assist you in maximizing the growth of your possible cash stream and offers vendors a straightforward platform.

Require Documents create flipkart seller account .

follow the process step by step…

1.Register your own company:  

The initial step will be to legally register your business if you want explore the e-commerce trend and offer your special products via it.

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2.GST  Registration:

It is necessary to register with the Goods and Services Tax in order to sell on Flipkart. Flipkart requires the GSTIN for your company to be supplied.


it is necessary to submit for only sell books on flipkart and also require bank account purpose.

4.Bank account:

Opening a current bank account in the company’s name is the next crucial step after registering the business.

5.product Catalogue:

You can start up your dashboard and add all the items you want to sell under the appropriate product categories after completing the registration criteria.

6.Start Selling:

On Flipkart, you may now start selling products online. As soon as you have the order confirmation, package and label the item for shipping. Executives from Flipkart will then pick it up from you and deliver it to the customer.

Flipkart seller account registration process :

1. At the bottom of the webpage, click the “Sell on Flipkart” option.

2. Click the “Register” button to create a new seller account.

3. Enter your name, contact details (phone number, email address, business name), and further personal and professional data.

4. Provide facts about your firm, such as your bank account information, business type, and GST number.

5. Agree to the terms and conditions set out by Flipkart and supply any further data needed to finish the seller registration procedure.

6. As soon as you have your Flipkart seller credentials, you may start listing your products and selling them to customers.

Listing products:

1. On the Flipkart seller dashboard, choose the listing option and choose between a single and bulk listing.

2. Select the categories for your products, such as food items, gadgets, shoes, etc.

3. If you sell goods under brands other than your own, you have to produce a certified invoice from an authorized dealer or a letter of authority for the brand.

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4. If you sell products under your name, you have to give the number linked to your trademark registration.

5. Describe the product’s pricing, packaging, shipping costs, tax details, and production and inventories.

6. Continue with the quality check that Flipkart did. Usually, this procedure takes a whole day or two.For every transaction performed on its marketplace, Flipkart also charges a commission fee. This needs to be taken into account when determining your pricing at the time of listing.

In conclution:

We hope you now have a complete understanding of the Flipkart seller account login information. Every day, the Indian e-commerce market grows, and Flipkart enables individuals to launch their own enterprises. Selling on Flipkart is a great method to expand your business and attract more customers. By following the guidelines in this article, you may create your seller account on Flipkart, list your products, and take care of them. By keeping a close eye on your sales and performance, you may enhance your listings and fulfilment processes and boost platform sales.


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