Honda is recalling 2.54 million US cars Due to a gasoline pump problem

106,030 CR-Vs made between 2019 and 2022 must be recalled by Honda due to a problem with the way their 12-volt battery cables are made. The cables have the potential to short circuit and start a fire.

Model year 2020–2022 CR-V Hybrids are affected by the problem; these vehicles lack fuses and have 12-volt battery wires routed outside of the body structure. That’s usually okay, but in the event of an accident when the car sustains exactly the appropriate amount of damage to its front left fender, the battery may short circuit.

On May 17, 2021, that is exactly what occurred to one owner. Nevertheless, Honda’s investigation into the event led them to believe that the accident’s conditions were extremely exceptional, which it attributed to the “extreme crash angle.”
Honda made the choice to alter the cable’s design even though it and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determined that at the time, a recall effort wasn’t required. It included a fuse in June 2022 for new models to guard against short circuits.

Honda is recalling 2.54 million US cars Due to a gasoline pump problem

A few months later, Honda learned of a second occurrence involving a pre-update CR-V Hybrid that had shorted its 12-volt battery and been involved in an accident. Once more, it concluded that the accident was unusual, but a few weeks later, it received a warranty claim regarding yet another battery problem, so it had to reconsider its findings.

In the end, it concluded that there was a greater chance of these kinds of accidents than it had first thought, and it made the decision to initiate a recall. Honda specialists will replace the owners’ battery cables with an upgraded component that includes a 100A fuse; the repair should be quite straightforward.

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