Digha-Puri Cruise Service: Digha can be reached in 1 hour and Puri in 6 hours

If you want to go to Digha or Puri from Calcutta, you can either take a train or a bus. But if it is said to go to Digha by water? Not believing? That system may come soon. It may start from Diamond Harbor. That is Digha straight from Abhishek Banerjee’s Lok Sabha constituency, and Puri. Tourists can go to Digha and Puri by taking a luxury cruise. Mango is the favorite destination of Bengalis.

The Diamond Harbor Municipality plans to launch this cruise service. In PPP model it can be. It has been discussed several times. Its trial run will be started soon. But this journey is supposed to be quite enjoyable. Because it will be a different feeling to see the nature in the waterway.

And once this service is launched, it goes without saying how attractive it will be to tourists. It is initially known that this cruise will depart from Diamond Harbor Jetty. Then first it will go to the Ganges. Many people are also interested in this place. After a while there it will head towards Puri. Means Gangesagar to Puri. There will be two successive pilgrimages. That too by water. There is nothing to do with dushan, or car jolting.

Digha-Puri Cruise Service: Digha can be reached in 1 hour and Puri in 6 hours

Meanwhile, according to sources, the cruise from Diamond Harbor to Digha may take 1 hour 20 minutes to one and a half hours. It can be thought! Even by train or bus, it is not possible to reach with such speed. That will be the cruise. However, the final decision on the rent has not yet been taken. But thinking about keeping it within the reach of tourists is being done. There is also the issue of security. All in all, it’s a matter of fact. Jagannath temple is also being built in Dighat. It is an additional debt.

And it may take 6 hours to go to Puri. In that case, keep an eye on when this service will be launched. This opportunity cannot be missed.

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