Bequia airplane crash: American Hero and 2 Young daughters killed

Authorities claimed that a light aircraft crashed into the seas off a Caribbean island on Thursday, killing an American hero and his two young kids.

The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force stated in a statement that the jet crashed shortly after departure from the island of Bequia en way to St. Lucia. The passengers identified as deceased in the event were Christian Klepser, 51, and his daughters Madita Klepser, 10, and Annik Klepser, 12.

According to NBC News, Christian Klepser, who went by the stage name Christian Oliver, starred in movies such as Valkyrie, The Good German, and Speed Racer.

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The aircraft, identified by the FAA as a Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking, took off from J.F. Mitchell Airport at around 12:11 p.m. local time, according to the authorities. The police statement stated, “The aircraft encountered difficulties moments after taking off and plummeted into the ocean.” The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard was notified of the event, and fishermen and divers hurried to the site aboard boats in an effort to assist, according to the authorities.

Four remains were later found by Coast Guard officers from the plane and the ocean, according to authorities, who also state that a doctor declared them deceased. Robert Sachs of Bequia, the aircraft’s owner and pilot, was recognized as the fourth individual. The reasons of death will be ascertained by postmortem tests at a morgue in Kingstown, the capital of the country, where all of the remains were brought.

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The police statement further said, “The RSVGPF expresses condolences to everyone who is negatively affected by this tragic incident.” The crash investigation is still being conducted.

Soon after the incident on Thursday, an unconfirmed video that appeared to capture the impact moment made the rounds on social media. The airplane looks to be striking the water at a sharp angle in the video. According to nearby neighbor Danroy Joseph, “it sounded like when a vehicle is struggling—you know, stalling, struggling for power to go up a hill.” Joesph told the St. Vincent Times.

Pilot Robert “Bob” Sachs attended high school in New Jersey and had ran a scuba diving shop called Dive Bequia, according to internet profiles and a company website. A year ago, he posted videos on his Facebook account showing off his delight in his aircraft.

Days before to the disaster, Christian Klepser, a German native originating from Frankfurt, shared a photo of a beach at dusk from “somewhere in paradise” on his Instagram account. The image’s caption said, “Let Love Rule.” “Best wishes to all of you for 2024!

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