Aarya 3 review highlights :Susmita sen Return like sherni the popular series

A lot of the tropes are the same, Aarya’s third season hooks you in the first episode. Once more, Sushmita Sen plays Aarya Sareen in Ram Madhavani’s world of narcotics, lies, retaliation, and firearms. It is difficult to keep a tale interesting when the core premise of a successful two-season online series stays the same. However, Aarya 3 defies this convention so brilliantly that the web series is genuinely engrossing from the very first episode.

An intricate retelling of the events leading up to Aarya Sareen’s transformation into a drug lord begins the first episode. As the second season came to a close, Aarya killed her biological father and assumed control of the family’s “business.” Sen is introduced in Season 3 as a seasoned Don who is confident and protective of her family. She is also making large money trading with the Russian mob.

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Aarya has successfully closed a significant deal with the Russians and now has to provide them with a sizable shipment of heroin. However, that is not the only enormous duty she must do. Aarya’s best friend needs her support for a personal issue, her former assistant is no longer at her side, her children are going through personal crises as she gains power, and she has an angry guy after her death. Her aide was shot dead. The primary opponent of Aarya’s valiant deeds is Sooraj (Indraneil Sengupta). But the positive and negative are mixed together. Most people fight to defend or revenge the deaths of those they love.

Sen is amazing as the ferocious, controlled, and menacing Aarya. After her husband’s death, she was thrown into a dark realm from which she is no longer escaping. Now that she is a queen ruling a realm, she is adept at protecting the people she loves. Even if they don’t always agree with her methods, she will stop at nothing to ensure their safety because it is her first priority. Sen plays Aarya as more enigmatic to the audience by delivering her sentence in a trained, collected manner.

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The new cast members, Indraneil Sengupta and Illa Arun, play their roles effectively and contrast with Aarya’s morally upright methods of kid protection. Like Sen, Sengupta plays down his evil persona, which makes Sooraj more vicious and lethal. He is the most cunning of the group yet calm and even compassionate in the way he handles his prey. Vikas Kumar plays the tough police officer ACP Khan, who is out to get Aarya by any means necessary.

Aarya Season 3 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.


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