A manipulative prisoner begged the female warden to hold off on continuing their relationship until he was released.

A court heard that the prisoner who accused the prison officer of having an affair begged him to hold off on continuing their relationship until after he was released.

Keep watch While working at a Category B prison, Ruth Shmylo, 26, is accused of having “secret phone sex” and a five-month relationship with “manipulative” drug dealer Harri Pullen, 25.

The alleged affair between Pullen and Ms. Shmylo started when he gave her a piece of paper with his mobile number written on it and they started talking on the phone in a “teenage” way.

Pullen was transferred to HMP Manchester after she was fired from her position as a custody officer at Parc Prison in Bridgend. There, calls between the two inmates were taped by prison administrators and played at Ms. Shmylo’s misconduct trial in Cardiff Crown Court.

Pullen can be heard crying and becoming quite upset when Ms. Shmylo tells him she wants to move to Australia and leave her home in South Wales during one call.”We loved each other and I love you even now,” Pullen declares. I cherish you even more.

As Ms. Shmylo informs him that she is tired of living in Wales, Pullen responds, “Your home is here.”

Pullen tells her, “You should have known what you were doing when you took that number,” as the call goes on and he begs.

Pullen’s threats against Ms. Shmylo’s family during the call were mentioned, and she expressed her attraction to the idea of moving away and leading a different life. You can threaten me, but I still talk to you.”Pullen pleaded with him, “Please don’t leave.”

“Let me go and give it a month, and if that’s still what you want, then I’ll pack your bags and drive you to the airport,” he continued.

The court heard complaints regarding Ms. Shmylo, including her wearing “skin-tight trousers” to work and her “flirtatious” behaviour with prisoners.

The prosecutor, Matthew Cobbe, stated that she had the option to report Pullen for keeping a covert phone while incarcerated, but she decided to call him instead.

Pullen would speak with Ms. Shmylo “daily,” he said, referring to her as his “Mrs.”

On her birthday, he sent her a message wishing her a “happy birthday, princess girl,” and made plans for his mother to see her.

Mr. Cobbe testified in court that Ms. Shmylo acknowledged having phone sex with Pullen following her arrest.

He stated: “She acknowledged having phone sex with the prisoner during the interview.

“I was listening for the best part of it,” she said, clarifying that this was primarily the prisoner speaking to her.

evident chance of manipulation.

According to the court, Ms. Shmylo worked at Parc Prison from August 2020 to April 2021, but she was “released” after failing her probationary period.

In her defence, Claire Wilks stated that Ms. Shmylo was a “very pretty 23-year-old” who was clearly susceptible to Pullen’s manipulation.

She declared: He was a convicted drug dealer.” He was considered a high risk due to all of those factors, and this was well known to him while he was in custody.

Pullin possessed “illicit phones” while incarcerated, according to Ms. Wilks, and “was thought to be in possession of an improvised gun at one point.”

Misconduct in a Public Office: Ms. Shmylo, of Treforest, Pontypridd, disputes this.

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